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Taz Photo Canterbury Business Association is a registered charitable not-for-profit organization which supports immigrants and refugees with employment and business services. CBA is managed by a board of directors and is run by an executive team who work with volunteers. The organization volunteers come from the wider community from Christchurch and international including students and business. The organization prompt’s and advocates the wellbeing of ethnic business people, ethnic women, and recent refugees including disabled refugees. The organization works with youth and elderly from immigrant backgrounds.

The organization delivers projects and programs with these objectives in mind. Full descriptions of these projects can be read via links on our web site, these include:

Ethnic Business Recovery Project
Christchurch International Hub
Ethnic Woman’s Project
Business Expo

CBA is grateful to all its volunteers and sponsors and invites you to register your interest to be involved in any of these projects, and we are always welcoming new volunteers.

Taz Mukorombindo CBA CEO

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